Year End Banquet
May 11, 2002

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Mike Burdett calling the 1st 50/50 Drawing Has anyone got this number? Jeff & Trish Lewis Here's your Board for the 2002/2003 Dart Year
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Mary Ann Schick and Rhea Thomas celebrating being elected again Ken Lewis with his Hi Out for Division plaque Mike Burdett callin' out another plaque Jeff Lewis with his High League 01 average plaque
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The undefeated team of Mark Manuel, Steve Kaps, Paul Arsenault and Mark Martin Paul Arsenault and Mark Martin Keith Byrd with his Hi In for Division, Hi Total 01 Outs and Hi Total Outs for his Division awards Floyd, Lynn & Rich McClelland with Brian Domin accepting the award as the team that showed the best sportsmanship for the year
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Brian Domin with his Hi Out for the 2nd Division plaque Carl Hastings with his Hi Out for his Division plaque Trudi Seidl with her Hi % Total Improvement From Last Season award Ron Levinowsky, Keith Byrd, John Morris and Chuck Parrott with their 1st Place, 2nd Division awards
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Jeff Essenburg says Hi Looks like Keith Bridges won a raffle Keith Bridges and Jeff Lewis checkin' out the raffle winnings Mark Brundage, Scott (Whoop) Carney, Mark Martin and Don Wrathell - 1st & 2nd place winners of the 2nd Luck of the Draw
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Brian Domin making sure Mike Burdett calls out the right number Mike Burdett with Chuck Parrott Scott (Whoop) Carney with his Hi In for Division plaque Steve Kaps, Paul Arsenault, Mark Manuel and Mark Martin - 1st place, 1st Division
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Trudi Seidl, Carl Hastings and Kerri Hartfield - 2nd place, 3rd Division team Steve Kaps - Hi In for Division, Hi total 01 Outs for Division and Hi Total Outs for Division Ken Hughes and Ken Lewis with the awards for their 1st Place, 3rd Division team Cheryl & Brad McIntyre with their Moe Crook Tournament winning plaques
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Mike Rider, Jeff Essenburg & Don Wrathell with their 2nd Place, 2nd Division team plaques Andrew Burdett drawin' a 50/50 ticket with Sandi Quaine Chuck Parrott with his winnings Mary Ann Schick with Brian Domin
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Mike Burdett callin' them out And of course, as always, the delicious food Carl Lipson, the winner of the radio we raffled Jeff Essenburg & Rich McClelland clownin' around
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Our crate of candles we raffled off


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